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Tyro is Artic Sun's Rocky Road CDX TD OA FM WC, Flat-Coated Retriever, 3/16/92 - .

Jack is Limberlost Jack Be Nimble, Welsh Springer Spaniel, 5/22/00 -

Casey was TMH Casey UDTX Can CD, Golden Retriever, 5/13/87 - 8/15/00.


I am Therese Stoebner.  This site will eventually encompass all aspects of the "farm".  So far all I have is the dogs.   Casey was my first dog and I took him to obedience class because he was so big!  We continued after our first basic obedience class because I wanted better off-leash control and by the end of that second class I knew I wanted to start showing.  The greatest thing about training and showing dogs is not the titles, but the rapport and relationship you develop with your dog.  The second greatest thing is when you train and train and then in the ring it all comes together, like a perfect dance.  To view a wonderful performance by a dog can be breathtaking, but to be a part of it is even more so.




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